About the Foundation for Women’s Financial Education

Empowering Women in Greater Rochester through Financial Literacy

Money isn’t everything but understanding it is, especially for women. It’s a fact…women tend to live longer, earn less and take more breaks from the workplace to care for children and elderly parents. 71% of women will be solely responsible for their own finances at some in point in their life. Yet, regardless of their profession or education—even as many handle routine money management duties—women tend to be less financially educated than men and lack financial confidence.

Knowledge is power. Established in 2014 by a group of Rochester-area women, Foundation for Women’s Financial Education offers financial literacy seminars and workshops to empower women to seize control of their financial well-being. By sharing knowledge, experience, and quality, product-neutral information and education, we promote a space where women can fully explore their financial situation with other women without judgment.

Our seminars and workshops are led by a team of committed and passionate professionals who provide valuable information and guidance. Workshops and seminars are partially subsidized through grants and donations, which gives us the ability to offer an affordable tuition for participants.