Financial Seminars

Financial literacy seminars in Rochester, NY

Your path to financial independence starts here.

Foundation for Women’s Financial Education offers basic and advanced level financial education seminars to strengthen a woman’s financial knowledge and understanding. For many women, it’s not about a lack of money management skills, rather it’s often having the lack of time to fully understand your role as a “money manager” regardless of your financial position. Our goal is to ensure that every woman regardless of age, profession or education in the Greater Rochester area has the confidence to make the necessary decisions for their personal financial situation.

Take the time to invest in the best investment—yourself. Time is valuable, that’s why our seminars are only 90 minutes long. This provides a convenient way to learn in a welcoming and fun atmosphere with other women who are in the same position. Our seminars are led by a team of committed and passionate financials professionals who provide valuable education and unbiased information.

Our financial education seminars are partially subsidized through grants and donations. This enables us to offer an affordable tuition rate to our participants.


Basic Level

A series of seminars to help you identify and develop a manageable plan to reach your financial goals and set yourself up for long-term success. Whether you want to pay off debt, save for retirement or cut back on living expenses, learn the tools you need to take control of your finances once and for all.

Seminars include:

Debt Management and Budgeting: You say:  making, spending, and trying to save money – I say: cash flow, net income, and expenses. Your finances don’t have to seem like a foreign language. Learn strategies for managing what comes in against what comes out. Tuition: $25.00, 90 minutes.

Managing Credit & Your Credit report: Understanding your Credit is the baseline for understanding your finances – Learn the steps to take control of your credit. Tuition: $25.00, 90 minutes.

The Basics of Financial Planning: Spend an evening understanding how financial planning can help you to meet your personal goals. Tuition: $25.00, 90 minutes.

Investing 101: Stocks, Bonds, and International, oh my!  We can help you understand what investments you have any why you have them. Tuition: $25.00, 90 minutes.

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Advanced Level

A series of seminars that dive deeper into the money issues that matter most to you. You will gain a greater understanding of investing, retirement planning, life insurance and estate planning. In this series you can learn more about becoming a better money manager, retirement planning or explore ways to protect your assets and become a better partner to your financial planner.

Seminars include:

Advanced Investing:  You may know what you have but are there other options available to you to compliment your financial investments?  Let’s take a look. Tuition: $25.00, 90 minutes.

 Retirement Planning:  How will your retirement look?  What will you have for income?  What steps can you take now to secure your future?  All great questions so let’s find some answers. Tuition: $25.00, 90 minutes.

Life Insurance & Estate Planning:  Do you have enough insurance?  Too much?  The right type?  Will your assets end up where you think they will?  Spend an evening learning what will happen to your assets once you are gone. Tuition: $25.00, 90 minutes.

Register for one or register for all. Sign up for three and receive a discount. Seating is limited.


College Planning

A three part series to help navigate the college process. Workshop series include: College Search 101, Making the Most of Your College Visit, and Paying for College: Focus on Finance. This information is geared towards any parent who has a college-bound student.

College Search 101: Spend an evening learning how to make a smart college choice for your child. With some prep in advance, you can help lower the chances of your child doing the Sophomore Shuffle and spending more than you thought on your child’s education. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to best fit your child’s schooling experience: academically, socially, geographically, and financially. Workshop presenter: Jodi Atkin, an independent college admissions counselor. Tuition: $10.00, 90 minutes.

Making the Most of Your College Visit: You’ve narrowed the college field down from 30,000 to a handful, now it’s time for you and your child to take a tour. Once there, you only have a couple of hours to determine if the college before you is the best choice for your child so it’s important to make the most of your time. This workshop is led by Jodi Atkin, an independent college admissions counselor, who has personally visited over 100 colleges. In this workshop, she will cover how to see past the shiny marketing and learn tips and tricks to see if that school is the best fit your child’s higher educational experience. Tuition: $10.00, 90 minutes.

Paying for College:Focus on Finance: For most parents, paying for college is a little like finding the pea underneath the correct walnut shell. In this workshop, we will help you uncover and discover resources available to you. You will learn from an expert what to expect, how to use the resources available to you and how to sift through the volume of information each college provides to find the accurate picture of what your child’s education is likely to cost. This workshop is led by Jodi Atkin, an independent college admissions counselor, who can decipher the financial aid language into a language any parent can understand. Tuition: $10.00, 90 minutes.

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Medicare Planning

Medicare…something everyone will eventually use and almost no one really understands. Come spend an hour with a Medicare specialist to learn some of the ins and outs of Medicare. This workshop will help you understand what “the doughnut hole” is, how to avoid a permanent penalty fee and seperate some of facts from fiction.

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